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Swab-its Introduces Bore-Sticks in Three Brand New Sizes

Swab-its Introduces Bore-Sticks in Three Brand New Sizes


Swab-its Introduces Bore-Sticks in Three Brand New Sizes

Springfield, Massachusetts. February 2, 2018.

Swab-its® is announcing their beloved Bore-Sticks™ in three brand new sizes. Bore-Sticks are a patented design that replaces the need for rods, jags, patches, and mops. This incredible multi-tool comes with a durable handle and lint-free foam tip that compresses inside the bore. As a multi-tool, Bore-sticks are vital to maintaining hard to reach areas on your firearm such as magazines, wells, and chambers. After using, you can quickly wash the swab with a soap or mineral spirits and reuse again. Now, alongside your favorite 9mm Bore-Sticks are .22caliber, .40caliber, and .45caliber Bore-Sticks. It’s time to take the future and clean with it.

For more information on this incredible multi-tool visit Swab-its website at

About Swab-its

Swab-its® product line includes innovative firearm cleaning products that are caliber specific, reusable, and durable. The line includes Bore-tips® that can be attached to a standard cleaning rod, Gun-tips® to reach every surface of the gun, Bore-Whips™ to enter the longest of barrels, Bore-Sticks™ to do the job of a rod, jag, and patch, and a Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swabs™ to clean the AR-15 Star Chamber. Made in the USA.

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