Gun-tips® Lint-Free Gun Cleaning Swabs

Gun-tips® Lint-Free Gun Cleaning Swabs

Gun-tips® are foam swabs that are reusable and replace cotton swabs for cleaning all the action areas of your firearm! These are the newest and must have cleaning product for all firearm enthusiasts.

Gun-tips® are firearms cleaning foam swabs that are lint-free, washable and re-usable. Gun-tips® are made in a range of sizes for cleaning slides, rails, trigger assemblies, crowns and other hard to reach places. The plastic handles are bendable and will not break or splinter like wooden sticks.

About Gun-tips®

  • Sizes: 3" mini tip swab, 3" precision tip swab, 5" large surface swab, 6" extended reach swab and 9-piece kit.
  • Workhorse Double-ended swab, Double-ended Tear Drop Chamber Swab
  • Gun-tips® foam swabs are reusable and replace cotton swabs.
  • Fiber free, does not shed or leave lint behind.
  • Perfect for cleaning and lubricating hard to reach places.
  • Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and packages.
  • Economical, washable and reusable, just like Bore-tips®.
  • Made in the USA.

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