(12 Bag Case) 3" Precision Tip Gun Cleaning Swab Gun-tips™ by Swab-its® Dealer Price List: 81-4553-12-2

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Dealer Price List - 12 Bag Case with 24 Gun-tips per Bag

Gun-tips are a strong and durable replacement for cotton swabs that do not leave lint and fibers behind.  They come in four sizes and are flexible enough to round corners, but strong enough to resist breaking.   Gun-tips are also washable and reusable.  The 3” Precision Tip swabs are especially effective for triggers and frames, slide rails, barrel links, trigger assemblies, compensators, barrel extension and lug recesses, bolt cams, extractor ports and other hard-to-reach areas.  Also great from applying lubrication/grease with pinpoint accuracy.


  • A bag contains 24 Gun-tips®
  • Each tip can be used multiple times
  • Replaces cotton swabs
  • Washable and reusable
  • Lint-free and fiber-free

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