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Why is the “Spray and Pray” Method a Bad Alternative to Swab-its?

Posted by Logan Porter on

A cleaning method that is often practiced is the “Spray and Pray” method. We all know the one person who never cleans their firearm. When it is finally time to clean their firearm, they grab CLP, oil, or solvent and pour it all over the firearm. Dirt, fouling, copper, and whatever else that firearm has on it flows down the handguard, magazine, well, and stock. The fluid that did not drop down the handguard fills the chambers and slides like molasses. Everything this gun touches will be black and covered in oil. Each round fired will burn some of the excess fluid which causes a little smoke cloud that can burn your eyes. Any wood or plastic that is exposed to these fluids can then swell, crack, and begin to deteriorate.

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