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*New* Bore-Sticks™ - Bore Cleaning Foam Swabs 3 in 1 Cleaning Tool from Swab-its®

Brand New 3 in 1 Bore-Sticks™ Cleaning Tool from Swab-its®

The Swab-its® Bore-Sticks™ is the newest more effective way to clean your handgun.

Replaces the rod, jag and patch! A washable and reusable cleaning tool for cleaning your bore!

Bore-Sticks™ are:

  • Caliber specific
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 360 degree - tight bore fit
  • Offer precision cleaning
  • Shed resistant - lint and fiber free
  • Clean revolver cylinders and barrels
  • Economical - washable and reusable!