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71-4505: 6.47” Flexor Head Foam Swab by Swab-its®


  • $ 2499

Swab-its® 71-4505 - 6.47" Flexor Head Foam Swab

    • 6.47” flexor foam mitt swab. White reticulated polyurethane foam on a blue molded polypropylene plastic handle.
    • Large handle and small mitt allow for cleaning tight spaces!
    • Perfect for auto and aviation, industrial solutions, and cleaning printer head and dies.
    • Non-Sterile Swab

    Foam Swab Dimensions

    • Head Width: 7mm, .27"
    • Head Length: 18mm, .70"
    • Handle Width: 4mm, .15"
    • Handle Length: 155mm, 6.10"

    What can I clean with this swab? Industries for the 71-4505.

    • Printer Cleaning: Great for cleaning wiper blades, the capping stations, and the print heads during daily maintenance.
    • Firearm and Gun Cleaning: Great for cleaning action areas of the firearm.
    • Aerospace: Touch-up paint, solvents, adhesives, lubricants and remove excess sprayed coatings, grit and particles from prepared surfaces
    • This swab can be used for any job - this is a tool for any type of cleaning: Craft & Hobby Projects, Camera Cleaning, Electronic Cleaning, Painting, Drone Maintenance, and much more! 

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