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71-4576 4" Large Rectangular Head Foam Cleaning Swab by Swab-its®

$ 13.00

Swab-its® 71-4576

  • 4" plastic handle with large rectangular foam tip mitt.
  • Ideal foam swab for any cleaning and detailing solution.
  • Cleans wiper blades, capping stations, and the print heads during daily maintenance.
  • Can be used for gun and bore cleaning, electronics cleaning, auto and aviation applications, banking machines, and gaming machines.
  • Non-Sterile Swab

Foam Swab Dimensions

  • Head Width: 12mm, .50"
  • Head Length: 25mm, .97"
  • Handle Width: 5mm, .20"
  • Handle Length: 100mm, 4.06"


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