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Swab-its® 24-piece Package of Household Utility Swabs

Swab-its® 24-piece Package of Household Utility Swabs

While first opening a package of Household Utility Swabs, the quality and durability of Swab-its® foam tools is quite impressive. The flexible handle allows for reaching crevices and surfaces that are hard to clean otherwise. The handle allows foam technology to condense or expand depending on the surface for an optimal clean. The varieties of foam swab tools in the kit include spear-tipped swabs, micro-tipped swabs, and rectangular-mitt foam swabs. The variety of foam swab tools offered in this multi-purpose kit makes it excellent for cleaning vents, windows, kitchen appliances, faucets, electronics, humidifiers, and more.

While vacuuming debris, even the smallest extension of my vacuum would not reach the crevices of my doorway. After spending a couple of days trying to find the right product to complete the job, it’s clear that Swab-its are the best choice for reaching small details within my home. By choosing reusable cleaning products, I know that I’m doing my part to be more sustainable and reduce waste. Swab-its Household Utility Swabs can be easily rinsed with water for reuse, (or with a little bit of dish soap for messier household tasks). Swab-its make cleaning easy and fun, without the usage of harsh chemicals. Household Utility Foam Swabs won’t disintegrate during usage or leave any lint-fibers behind.

Swab-its are lint-free and fiber-free which makes the tools perfect for DIY projects, and for a smooth application of paint or adhesives. Swab-its is also proudly designed and manufactured in the USA. While using Swab-its foam swab tools, I’ve found that it’s easier and quicker to detail areas of my home than ever before. The Swab-its Household Utility Kit includes 24-reusable foam swab tools for a low cost of $9.99.

For further details on the Swab-its 24-piece Package of Household Utility Foam Swabs, the part number is #87-8201. 


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