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Swab-its® Donates Bore-tips®, Gun-tips®, and Firearm Cleaning Kits to Eight Organizations for June 2019 Events

Posted by Michael Lecrenski on

Swab-its® has donated its firearm cleaning products to firearm organization events for many years. So far this year, Swab-its has donated to 26 different firearm events.

For June 2019 events alone, Swab-its has donated 1190 packs of Bore-tips®, 3 complete sets of Bore-tips® and Gun-tips®, and 8 Swab-its Handgun Cleaning Kits.

The funds raised by the organizations sponsoring these events are used for many purposes. They provide facilities, education and training to promote the shooting sports for competition, hunting, recreation and self-defense. Many of these organizations are dedicated to wildlife conservation, such as the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, which has protected and enhanced more than 7.4 million acres of wildlife habitat and has helped restore wild elk herds in eight states.

Some of the organizations and events support Law Enforcement, such as the Ohio Tactical Officers Association (OTOA). Their event provides specialized training and informational programs that will aid in the ultimate goal of the OTOA – to save lives. Others, such as the Marine Corps League, support the US military members, past and present.  They promote the interests of the United States Marine Corps and the ideals of American freedom and democracy. 

Swab-its will continue to donate to other firearm events through the rest of 2019 and beyond.

Swab-its®, Bore-tips®, and Gun-tips® are registered trademarks of Super Brush LLC.

About Super Brush

Super Brush LLC specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of foam swabs and applicators. From medical applicators to cleanroom-compatible swabs, Super Brush provides industries with technically advanced foam swabs for precision cleaning of laboratory equipment and delicate surfaces, collected samples, removing excess materials, applying lubricants, solvents, adhesives, topical antiseptics and a host of other solutions. ISO 13485:2016 certified, FDA registered.

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