Swab-its® Pistol Cleaning Products

Swab-its® Pistol Cleaning Products

Bore-tips® are a tough, reusable foam tips engineered for a specific tight bore fit providing a 360 contact with all the lands and grooves of the rifling. No more messing with jags or having to load poor fitting patches to the cleaning rod. Bore-tips® thread onto a standard cleaning rod.

They are both reusable and can be washed, offering a very economical way to keep your firearm clean.

Swab-its® Handgun Bore-tips® sizes:

  • Swab-its® 9mm Bore-tips® Cleaning Swab for use in cleaning 9mm, .357, .38cal, and .380.
  • .40cal10mm Bore-tips®
  • .45cal Bore-tips®

.45cal Gun Cleaning Bore-tips® by Swab-its®