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41-4001-12CS: 41-4001: .40cal/.44cal/10mm/410 Gauge Case of Gun Cleaning Bore-tips® by Swab-its® Dealer Price List

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Original price $ 72.00
Current price $ 65.00

Dealer Price List - 12 Bag Case with 5 Bore-tips per Bag

Caliber specific, Bore-tips are tough, reusable foam tips engineered for 100% bore contact; spreading fluids more evenly than mops and patches without lint or fibers.  Their non-abrasive foam allows them to be run in both directions, while their absorbency requires less solvent/lubricant.  Washable and reusable, they affix to a standard rod with 8/32 thread.  The .40cal Bore-tips also fit .410 shotgun, 10mm and .41 and .44 magnums.  


  • A bag contains 5 Bore-tips® on a runner.
  • Each tip can be used multiple times and should substantially outlast a similar priced bag of patches.
  • Washable and reusable
  • Lint-free and fiber-free